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We are all going to Zara for different reasons. Some of us are looking for the latest trends at affordable prices, others are looking for accessible workwear pieces and others are just trying to buy some cheap basics. If you've ever read Who What Wear, you know we're overly supportive of all three types of Zara buyers, but today we're here to talk to (and hopefully convince) the primitive Zara consumers of the world the rest).

If you really think about it, if Zara has a category that you can always rely on, then this is the base market as a whole. Fortunately, this market includes many different garments, from t-shirts to LBDs. In advance, we took the time to review all the basics of the retailer and limit it to 14 categories. If you invest in these 14 categories, you can create a coherent wardrobe that keeps you ready at all times. Knowing that you are a busy person, we can assure you that your search for the best foundations in Zara will be over when you're done with this story.

This t-shirt is just right for oversize.

Combine skirts and boyfriend jeans.

See, the perfect white tee.

The perfect shade of blue at your service.

This jacket over a midi dress is an effortless outfit combo waiting to be worn.

This jacket will be in my cart as soon as possible.

Another strappy sandals? I do not mind if I do it.

For those days when you need a little comfort.

The perfect white heel.

Complete your outfit with the above heels or a pair of white sneakers.

Wear this and you will look like an angel in no time.

A basic that is definitely not basic.

Tailored for $ 6? Sign me up.

Your OOO-look calls the tank and also a few biker shorts.

A perfect little V.

Inspector Gadget, but make it fashionable.

Make your working outfit ten times more expensive with this affordable trench coat.

This coat fits perfectly with all the tanks and T-shirts we just mentioned.

The subtle way to integrate animal print into your look.

Add these to a completely neutral look for on-brand pop.

This boot is perfect for those who want to try the western trend.

Conquer your morning meeting with this power blazer.

One of the things in this summary that I will definitely buy.

This blazer costs only $ 90. Do I have to say more?

Put this on and you're ready for a girls' night out.

Combine this with strappy sandals and you're ready to go.

You can not wear white for a wedding, but you can definitely wear that black number.

For the girls who wear jeans in the summer, this is a pair that can get you over with.

Can you ever be wrong with black skinny jeans?

A good mom jeans is a must in the closet.

Meghan Markle can not get enough of a classic pair of pumps, and here's your affordable version.

A small paragraph with a big impact.

The woven exterior gives it the perfect, unique touch.

A sweater that you can wear at least once a week and get away with it.

I get strong prep school vibes from this pullover and I'm not mad at it. Add a headband and you are basically Blair Waldorf.

The cardigan your grandma wore is back in fashion.

With these sneakers on deck, errands become ten times more stylish.

Meet the perfect airport shoes.

We still are not over the dad sneaker trend.

Wear these pants in the office and beyond.

I told you we would buy the matching pants.

Looking for the perfect fit and length? We found it for you. Next, shop for eight of the trendy summer bags that look expensive but are not.