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Skirtly Yours Edited by Melis Agazat:

On Ask Ask Koton Kot New Season Skirt Designs With Koton Skirtly Yours Collection

Koton, spring-summer season, the key part of the skirt designs in a special collection that suits all styles and body types. Prepared in collaboration with Fashion Director Melis Ağazat, the collection sets the modern silhouettes of active city life with its 24-hour skirt designs. For those who want to add an elegant touch with their skirt designs to their combinations, there is a rich collection of models and cuts. It says Sor Ask Ask Koton ’.

Explore Skırtly Yours Edited by Melis Ağazat Collection

Koton Skirtly Yours Collection creates modern silhouettes reflecting active city life with the designs that use the most fashionable details of the season. Giving the most elegant tips of being a style, 24-hour designs create the most fashionable skirt combinations with alternatives for every body type. Koton, the trend leader of all skirts in the season, underlines the claim of ‘Ask Koton Al with its Skirtly Yours Edited by Melis Ağazat Collection.

Skırtly Yours Edited by Melis Ağazat

In her collection where Fashion Director Melis Ağazat reflects her 22-year fashion magazine experience, there are a wide range of options from cloch and slits to pencil and knee cuts. Koton prepares alternatives for every style with skirt designs that liberate styles and integrates women with their bodies. ‘Fashion is now in skirts, with you at any time of the day!!

Skırtly Yours Edited by Melis Ağazat

Utility themed pocket and button detailed skirts are highlighted as the season trend in the collection, self-belt high waist skirts, chain pattern pleats, flywheel details and asymmetrical cuts are remarkable. Jacquard, linen and cotton satin fabrics are preferred in the collection, which uses animal designs, which is the last favorite of the fashion world.

Patterned Maxi Skirt

Belt Detail, Maxi Skirt

The collection offers mini, midi and maxi size options, combining tulle skirts with jackets, sporting sequined skirts with casual pieces and pleated skirts with denim jackets.

Leopard Printed Maxi Skirt

Belt Detail, Check Maxi Skirt

In the collection, where the spirit of the Spring-Summer season is reflected in colors, the dominance of natural tones such as hot coffee, as well as khaki, beige and stone are experienced. The designs that bring the holiday feeling to the season with exotic details and floral designs are accompanied by a hot summer, skirt group consisting of blue, white and yellow palette.

Explore Skırtly Yours Edited by Melis Ağazat Collection

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