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If you do not know Swiss artist Blanda yet, please do us a favor and direct your attention instantly on her Instagram. Recently, she has taken the art scene by storm, especially for her contemporary black-and-white illustrations, and now she is also immersed in the fashion world. The editorial-preferred denim brand AG has just started a collaboration with Blanda's drawings to celebrate the new environmentally conscious movement. Their unique designs represent water and women in honor of the brand, which reduces water consumption for manufacturing by a whopping 97%. Not only will you be comfortable with sustainability when you own this collection, but also because it contains eight pieces that give any outfit the effortlessly cool streetwear atmosphere we love. But do not hesitate to wear T-shirts and jeans together – we would even prefer it. On our picks …

With this white denim jacket, every other white denim jacket we own feels a bit blah in comparison.
Wear this miniskirt with the above denim jacket for a printed set that earns at least a few turns.
The fact that this T-shirt is unisex makes it all the more cool (and more likely that we will miss it in our baskets).
This favored by editors, high-cut denim pants receives the Blanda touch through printed graphics.
Get to know our new graphic T-shirt, worn with vintage-style baggy jeans and a cool oversized blazer (but hey, it's your concern).
And the full-length, if that's more your thing.
This cuddly sweatshirt looks very chic when combined with a printed slip skirt. First choice: Zebra; Second: polka dot.
We love how comfortable these sweats are, as well as the unique bag design of the artist.