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We've done our own extensive research on the best naked lipsticks, but it turns out that there is a generally flattering act that blows all the other colors out of the water. In fact, this shade is so popular that one of these lip products is sold every two minutes around the world. It has to be good, right? In a word, Yes,

Of course I'm talking about Charlotte Tilbury's legendary Pillow Talk Lip Liner. Tilbury was launched in 2013 and describes how the product was launched as a "backstage secret weapon". When it finally became available, it became an insider's tip for editors and celebrities, so often sold out that a Pillow Talk waiting list became the norm.

Amal's big day may have been kept under wraps, but with Tilbury as a make-up artist, she often emerges in that iconic pink-nude color.
Pillow Talk is the perfect neutral shade to complement Alexa's legendary eyeliner look.
Penelope was discovered in the immediately apparent shadow of the Golden Globes.
The cool girl Adwoa rocks the matte pillow lipstick with bare skin for a fashion-conscious access to a plump pout.
Emma Roberts is a big fan of Pillow Talk and has performed at red carpet events such as the Met Gala several times.
The soft pink nude color is a pretty option for the bride, as Poppy demonstrates.
Nicole chooses Pillow Talk to supplement her shimmering eyeshadow at the Golden Globes.
Gwynnie is chic and simple and looks pretty cute in pink here.
Suki rocks an exciting pillow talk with this year's Brit Awards.
This is an act that also reflects light skin tones, as Amy Adams proves at the Oscars.
It all started here – the iconic lip product that's sold every two minutes.
A beautiful bare pink with a soft, matte texture. Celebrities love this lipstick as much as the original lipstick.
A dark pink with golden spots for bright cheeks.
A champagne pink, a matte black rose, a soft matte brown and a rose gold shimmering eye shadow reflect the tones in the original Pillow Talk.

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