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Things come and go in the world of trends. Lately, I've been thinking a lot about shoe trends since I tried to curate the couples I have in my collection. One that I've never jumped on board with is the flatform that turns out to be a good thing because it's on its way out. I've seen fewer and fewer styles, but it was confirmed for me when a Who What Wear editor recently reported that the trend is "slowly passing".

In what should you invest instead? With my generally classic approach to style, I approach new trends with caution. I consider them carefully and then wonder if they really, really fit in my wardrobe or if they are something that I will regret later in a few months. But lately I can not stop thinking about the trend for square shoes. To be honest, I've never been so fond of a trend like this and personally, I think it's worth investing in it now. In the run-up, I share four of my favorite brands designing square styles with a selection of the best styles.

Daniel Lee's designs for Bottega Veneta have officially made Square Toe shoes the coolest accessory of the moment.

Welcome Manu Atelier – the brand that every fashion insider will wear this fall.

By Far Instagram has been inspiring Instagram since the brand was founded in 2016. We believe that their designs have helped to put shoes with square toes on the map.

With trendy shoes under $ 300, Miista is always a designer looking for low-priced shoes.

The shoe brand Neous is inspired by the art and architecture of the mid-century, so you expect clear lines and sculptural forms. Particularly striking are the angular cuts.

Next: my capsule wardrobe for classic style.

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