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You should choose the big ones when choosing your sunglasses this summer. Because the season's sunglasses trend, Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O.’s eye-catching eyeglasses while protecting your eyes at the same time creates the complete style.
We have put together the biggest size sunglasses designed by our favorite fashion designers for summer.
If you are not sure which of the big sunglasses will suit your face, you can find out which face and which big sunglasses will match to make the right choice.
When choosing oversized sunglasses, the first rule of thumb is that the glasses do not touch your cheeks. If the bottom of the glasses frame touches your cheeks when you smile, the glasses are too large for you.
If your oversized sunglasses are large enough to touch your cheeks, they will likely exert excessive pressure on the bridge of your nose and may cause red marks and irritation throughout the day.

• Select sunglasses that do not cover your eyebrows, especially if you are concerned about the large sunglasses that cover your face. Our eyebrows are a very important tool to express our feelings, so if you only want to hide your face, choose the big sunglasses that cover your eyes.

• Even if you choose to have a completely large and concealed look, you should avoid sunglasses that are wider than your face. Super-wide sunglasses cut your face and make it look wider than it actually is.

• When you wear your large sunglasses, make sure that they fit snugly over your ears to make sure they're really the right size for you.

Best Oversized Sunglasses

1- Chloe
2- Dior
3- Acne Studios
4- Gucci
5- Karen Walker
6- Celine
7- Stella McCartney
8- Loewe
9- Jacquemus
10- Marni
11- Fendi
12- Miu Miu
13- Prada
14- Fendi
15- Dior
16- Versace
17- Saint Laurent
18- Gucci
19- Dior
20- Balenciaga

Best Sunglasses for Every Face Shape


• Most women have an oval face! Oval; refers to the shape of the face where the forehead and chin are slightly more pronounced than the middle of the face, have no sharp angles and are narrower than the width of the face as a whole.

• Those with an oval face shape can use almost any shape of oversized sunglasses!

• The key is to avoid too large sunglasses that will make your face look too narrow.


• A square face is an angular face where the forehead and chin are the same width as the center of the face.

• If your face is square, it's best to opt for circular or oval-shaped oversized sunglasses to help soften your features.

• Since your face will not be suffocated by aviator, butterfly and cat goggles, you can choose the large size of these models.


• Those with a round face shape have softer features and a face of approximately the same height and width.

• The best size sunglasses for you should be a model that is not too wide and does not cover your cheeks.

• Select sunglasses to help give your face some distinctive structure. Rectangular and sharp cat eye frames are the best option.


• A heart-shaped face is a face with a slightly wider forehead and a narrower jaw. Audrey Hepburn was famous for her heart-shaped face!

• With this face shape, it is important to choose oversized sunglasses that are not too big or fancy to keep your delicate chin away from the attention.

• Avoid decorations on the bridges of your frames, as the decorations on the glasses, like cat's eyes, are very attractive, but will emphasize the width of your forehead.


• The triangular shape has a slightly wider jaw line and a narrower forehead and jaw face.

• Use your oversized sunglasses with more density on top to balance with your face.

• Cat eye sunglasses and aviator sunglasses are perfect for balancing the face.

Completing your style;

If you only have a pair of large sunglasses, choose those in neutral color or those that are compatible with the primary color palette.

If you use very different colors, it is best to choose oversized sunglasses with black or metal frames; If you only use a particular color family in your clothes, it is best to choose sunglasses that have a color from the same family.

• If you wear all black, colored frames are the perfect choice to liven up your look.

• Make sure your big sunglasses match your style! If you don't use vintage-inspired parts, a pair of retro sunglasses won't match your look.

• When wearing very large sunglasses, it is better not to concentrate on the jewels on your face. Choose a more gentle pair of earrings or a less flashy necklace.

• Sunglasses are great for covering your face if you don't want heavy makeup, but you can add some dramatic effect to your mysterious look by choosing a stunning lipstick!

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