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NYC's beloved scoop is back (and cooler than ever, by the way) 2019

Hello there 🙂

When I first heard that the popular New York boutique Scoop is making a comeback, I barely believed it. The nostalgia was real… When I grew up, I visited the store every time my family went to town. I was straight More I was excited to hear that Scoop officially became part of the Walmart own brands. and The autumn drop is already available online. It's full of stylish, super affordable parts, and I'm shocked if you do not want every single piece. I trained a little bit Willpower at check out, but still with those four head-to-toe outfits with my scoop-haul. Did I mention that everyone costs less than $ 175? No joke. See below.

You did not think I would style four fall outfits without including an animal print part, right? I may have more leopard clothing and accessories than a girl must have, but snake skin is the print that calls my name this fall. However, if you're a leopard girl, there are plenty of them in the Scoop collection. As far as accessories are concerned, I hung up with white boots and a shoulder bag, because the light shade really hits the dress. Who knows, maybe with this mini, I even try white tights when the temperature really starts to drop? The styling possibilities are endless.

I love to experiment with my office cabinet to find that balance between fashionable and polished. Enter: This wide-leg checkout outfit features an ultra-soft turtleneck sweater, a vegan leather jacket and high-heeled, combat-style ankle boots. This faux-shearling bassinet adds a bit of Marc Jacobs / Alexander Wang vibes that I'm really into. Where is my runway?

When I'm in a hurry, I swear on clothes for days (as shown above), but this flowery combination of maxi and combat boots makes you think I have to spend all sorts of time and effort. The dress itself looks at least twice as expensive (it only costs $ 60, no joke), but it's the trendy and slightly edgy footwear (as a pair of military boots was obviously not enough) that brings it to the next level. Add in a mock croc bag – a must-have accessory this season – and then we are Really talk.

Short denim and a blazer may not feel groundbreaking, but the beauty of this outfit is in the details. For example, do you remember the mock croc accessories I talked about? Well, I am fully committed to the trend, which means that an emerald green bag does not require a second thought. Notice the cool, pulled-up blazer sleeves and the way the stand-up collar tank provides the perfect canvas for layering all my favorite gold chains.

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