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My grandma and I both buy at Zara – we want that for the summer of 2019 2019

Hello there 🙂

My Grammie Dianne has taught me many things: a love of convertible cars, that Elvis is really king and above all a sense of style. Since I can think, we are avid buyers, and she was always sure that I knew my own taste.

My confidence – or maybe my stubbornness – to know my style came straight from my Grammie. With every birthday gift that my family gives her, we make sure there's a gift slip that's obviously attached as we know she's going to pick something better. She knows what she likes and I have always admired her strong sense of personal style.

Although I try my best to shop less and better, sometimes I find something in Zara that I know I'll love forever, and my Grammie is exactly the same. We always adapt to each other when we see each other, and there is often a surprising Zara element in each of our looks.

Despite our different styles (and, yes, our age gap between generations), we agree on the pieces we always buy from Zara. We appreciate that there is something for both of us, no matter what our mood or fashion demands. We do not go there for everything, but with our keen eye and decisive shopping style, there are certain Zara pieces that we can rely on. We've recently discovered what these key elements are: we both return to Zara to buy long skirts, lightweight jackets, statement tops and accessories – and we always make sure the fabrics are durable and durable. Keep browsing to buy the new items from these special categories for the summer of 2019.

We are obsessed with flowing skirts and wear them all year round. For the winter a thin turtleneck sweater and in summer a basic T-shirt or a button-down top. She wants a few printed while I'm in the pleated trend.

Flowing statement tops are an integral part of our two summer wardrobes. I prefer white cotton jeans with vintage jeans, while she likes colorful satin patterns and funny prints.

We always look for jackets in the Zara New-In area because we (both have had years of experience) have found that they have consistently good cut and fit our body shapes. We love the lighter options for summer nights and big bags are a must for both of us.

We would both call our personal style classic, but we like to browse the accessories to find fun additions and give the outfit a twist. We both love gold jewelry that Zara has plenty of. As avid travelers, we love to buy funny Zara tote bags as carry-on baggage.

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