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My 4 best friends have asked me their burning fashion questions 2019

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It's not surprising that my favorite advice to my family, friends, followers (and yes, sometimes to strangers) is fashion. As a fashion editor, my job is to know the key trends, micro-trends, established brands and emerging designers as well as the latest, most sought-after and best-selling articles on the best fashion sites on the Internet. And there's nothing like the thrill of sharing this knowledge of fashion with those who want it – from helping my colleagues find the most chic summer outfits for work to helping my friends navigate maternity wear and mentoring my own Sister Pack for a holiday in Marrakech.

There is no doubt that I am being asked a lot of not only from our Who What Wear readers, but also from my loved ones and loved ones. Today, I answer some of the burning fashion questions that have recently raised my four best friends. Scroll down as they may solve only a few problems Your Fashion puzzles too.

Q: I am currently planning my wedding and would like to wear something unexpected at my desk – maybe even in gold or an unconventional color! If you have ideas for a showstopper dress (I'm also open to vintage), please help!

ON: You already know that I'm upset with excitement for your upcoming wedding. And your lively personality deserves a stunning dress! The fact that you are open to unconventional styles opens the doors to you a lot of more choices. Much depends on your budget, but fortunately, there are many smart options on the market right now, at any price.

Brands like Self-Portrait, Needle & Thread, Alexis and Johanna Ortiz are some of my favorites for eye-catching dresses that are not "bride" per se, but are perfect for weddings. Retailers like Zara, ASOS and Revolve also have some super-chic options that will not break the bank. Below, I share a variety of styles that I think fit them well – from minis to maxis, from shimmering sequins to romantic lace.

Besides, I know that you live in LA. So if you're looking for vintage, I'll drop by The Way We Wore, Decades, and Platt Boutique to see what they have in store.

Alexis has some gorgeous white lace dresses that are perfect for wedding receptions. This halter silhouette is particularly eye-catching – just add statement earrings and elegant sandals. (And if you're looking for sleeves, this Alexis maxi dress is divine.)

This 1920s-inspired dress is so beautifully photographed and instantly adds shine to your wedding reception.

How about a fun feather mini dress on the dance floor? An instable gown, if ever there was one!

A striking two-piece gives your big day a refreshingly chic touch.

Now here is a ruffle dress that makes a main statement.

Ready for something blue? So it's a bit more expensive, but this flattering dress is really stunning!

Opt for a sensational look for a large dose of shimmer and sequins. After all, you are the center of attention!

This romantic minidress in tulle and sequins creates a vintage feel that captures the eye of everyone at the party.

Q: My work requires a casual business attire, but I also have to commute every day with my 3-year-old daughter to and from her daycare (by bus!). I've struggled to find workwear that's both professional and chic, yet durable and comfortable enough to carry and hold on to my toddler … often while eating snacks. Any advice on workouts I can wear that are both stylish and resilient would be very helpful!

ON: As the newest member of the parent club, I know the dangers of looking professional and elegant with a (chaotic and ever-moving) child. Fortunately, there are many chic and comfortable options that provide a good modeling solution for working mothers who travel a lot. The focus is on timeless business casual staples such as a durable and comfortable blazer, non-transparent blouses, wrinkle-free pants and comfortable stretch dresses. This is a great introduction to your maternity-friendly work wardrobe. Here are some nifty details that are worth considering in the following.

This blazer looks chic and professional, but feels just as comfortable as a cuddly cardigan. I'm a big fan of J.Crew's sweater-blazer hybrid, which comes in a variety of versatile colors (I own it in navy and mottled gray). It is polished and yet relaxed and feels really high quality.

Think of it as your most comfortable, elegant T-shirt that fits perfectly with the business casual dress code. The Japanese GoWeave fabric by Everlane is lightweight, draped and – wait for that – wrinkle free! Music to the ears of a mother! In addition, it is available in four different colors.

I know it pays to pay almost $ 300 for work pants, but I think the stretch pants by Theory are well worth the investment. I've owned mine for over three years and they still look and feel so fresh and polished when I first bought them. You feel great when you go to work and daycare every day – and they're black, which of course means they are not only super versatile, but also discreetly conceal inadvertent soiling by toddlers.

If you are looking for a dress with great versatility, this beige midi is a great option. It's professional and looking for business environments, but it's not overly "precious" so you can easily carry it on the bus and after-school activities. It has seamless pockets (always handy with a child) and a comfortable stretch waist. Looks equally chic with flats and heels.

This super-soft and comfortable wrap top will take you from the desk to drinks (and in between to day care) with the utmost ease and style.

Choose a simple morning outfit for a draped jumpsuit. This model exudes a relaxed yet polished feel in this season's trendy pistachio color.

Q: I am making a one-month trip to Europe and have to cut down how many shoes I pack. What do you recommend to me, so I can feel good during the day, but also opportunities for the beach and a night?

ON: First, You're welcome Put me in your suitcase! Second, reducing shoes is one of the most difficult aspects of packaging. (I always want the right shoes for every outfit!) I've learned that investing in versatile shoes in classic colors is the key to easy travel. I know that a month is a long time, but I recommend packing a maximum of three to four pairs of shoes. For Europe, you want a mix of walkable heels and comfortable apartments for those cobblestone streets. Here are some that I think are great options.

You will not regret having invested in a high quality pair of leather ballerinas – preferably in black, beige or that soft creamy color. You look elegant and chic, with everything in your closet, from linen shorts to midi skirts and jeans. You are without a doubt your most comfortable walking shoes on vacation. Choose stylish square toe models for a classic-trendy option (and ultimate comfort).

Espadrille wedges – which are not crazy – are a great way to combine them day and night with midi dresses, skirts and jeans. Opt for a neutral tan for maximum versatility. Current flatform styles are also a great option.

Classic white sneakers are always a must when packing for the holidays. Not only are they comfortable, they also look fabulous with their beautiful floral dresses.

Are you looking for minimalist black sandals that last a lifetime? Look no further than these elegant, clean and modern leather sandals. You will look good with everything in your closet. (They also take no place in your suitcase and are approved for the fashion-conscious.)

I'll add a fifth here just in case you want an extra evening event option! These chic block heeled sandals are the perfect pair for alfresco dining on the French Riviera!

Q: I want professional, but also elegant and playful business attire that I can wear day and night. Suggestions please!

ON: I always love this question because it's my luck, and there are plenty of fancier options at any price that fits the bill. The key is to design your work clothes with dresses, overalls, tops, pants and skirts in neutral colors, versatile prints and professional silhouettes that can be easily embellished with extra heels and accessories. Here are a few of my favorites that will stylishly bring you from the front desk to the drinks and are great for your busy lifestyle.

If you do not have time to think in the morning, a chic black jumpsuit is your felicitous escape. Just add elegant gold jewelry and versatile low-heeled mules like the following.

These sleek, minimalist sandals look professional for meetings throughout the summer and bring you stylishly into the evening. They are also very much in vogue on Instagram this season.

A trendy yet polished blouse goes perfectly with high-waisted jeans or black work pants. The polka-dot print is timeless and can be worn again and again. The charming buttons give a cool girl touch.

A black midi wrap dress will never go out of style and is the perfect option to get you from meetings to margaritas. In particular, this consists of a structured pleated fabric that gives your LBD a luxurious touch.

Super elegant. For a refined look, combine it with a matching creamy, slick pants. (You're big, you can do it!)

A silky midi skirt looks expensive and luxurious and takes you stylishly into the night. Put on the opulent evening fabric with a knit top or blazer during the day.

The silhouette looks professional and the floral print adds a playful touch.

I love this blouse-blazer hybrid for its versatility and flattering silhouette. To jeans, skirts and pants it looks super chic.

Wear it with a blazer and kitten heels at work and add a pair of statement earrings to carry you off into the night.

Next, the most popular dresses of the summer.

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