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Move, Grandma – Clap these 5 Opatrends 2019

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Some time ago, we reported on a handful of grandma trends that appeared in the fashion crowd. These included novelties such as tweed, transparent knee socks, pearls and more. As the summer continued and women became more and more creative with the styles available, we saw a change from greatma-inspired style to greatpa-inspired style. Before you knock, you should try it.

Although grandpa's aesthetics are still in their infancy, we already love how fashion girls style microtrends within the overall mood. We also love that this new style of dressing feels fresh compared to the "father" outfits that made our Instagram feeds tired. In advance, we have named five Opatrends that we believe are the hardest. For those of you who do not know what beat Apparently in this context (as I have just learned this word), all cool kids identify something that is really, really good – hence the five Opatrends that lie ahead.

The whole puzzle of whether and how to wear socks with slippers is now solved. Put on the socks, let them show and canalize your inner G-Pa.

I remember playing a lot in my grandparents' closets as a kid, and although I preferred my grandmother's shoes and jewelry to my grandfather's suits, I always found it so interesting that he had dozens of airy, short-sleeved button-down Shirts. You know them – either printed or plain, perfect for the holidays and just a little too big. Well, fashion girls follow the suit and wear the top style with everything, from carpenter pants to longer shorts and back.

Another trademark of Grandpa is the classic gold necklace. This was usually seen when you looked under the aforementioned holiday shirts or on an old T-shirt. Now the trend is to stack as many versions as possible to get the latest necklace stack for cool girls.

There comes a time in the lives of many elderly people, in which fashion unfortunately can not come first. Enter orthopedic shoes. These shoes, commonly known for their large Velcro closures or thick soles, used to be considered the furthest from "stylish", but now, thanks to the emerging trend of sporty sandals, this new iteration feels fresh and trendy enough.

Last but not least, khaki pants have been incorporated into the cupboards of those who channel both our grandmothers and our grandfathers. We love her for crop tops and graphic t-shirts, and if you really want to, try her on a holiday shirt. Grandpa swings all the way.

Next, discover the five most photogenic trends, streetstyle photographers say.

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