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It's over: 7 sneaker trends that we part with 2019

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Welcome to the year 2019, when the bags get smaller, the sandals are firmer and the sneakers are combined with everything and everyone. We take advantage of the fact that we can wear sneakers in 90% of the cases today, and we want to make sure we wear the most elegant options possible. Curious about which formerly popular sneaker styles you should renounce to upgrade your wardrobe? I've asked Who What Wear editors to name the sneaker trends they are breaking with this summer (and what trends they wear instead). We're setting the debate on trends like "Father" sneakers and platforms once and for all. See in advance what sneaker trends we call in and out, and buy in everyone we're here for.

End with: sneaker drills. Wear instead: Classic white sneakers. "Sneaker drills (also known as plain white sneakers with a woven sole in espadrille look) are a trend I'm pulling back, the combination felt a bit novel at first, now it feels a bit too neat for my sneaker taste I decide for a retro. " – instead a classic pair of white sneakers. "

End with: Clunky Dad sneakers. Wear instead: Slimmer styles. "I think I'm finally ready to pull out all my loud, chunky dad sneakers for sportier and more elegant styles."

End with: socks sneakers. Wear instead: Sneaker hiking boots. "Socks sneakers are a trend I've never really taken for granted anyway, and instead I'm thinking about a pair of sneaker-hiking-shoe hybrids, and I expect there will be tons of options in the market by fall."

Finish with: platform sneakers. Wear instead: retro sneaker. "The platform sneaker excitement has never made it into my wardrobe and is a trend I'm going to skip, instead I'll wear sleek retro sneakers – a style I predict to be huge this fall – I'll wear it. " the relapsing Reeboks that I have in my closet, but I also have this pair of Loewe in mind. "

Finish with: high-top sneakers. Wear instead: Low sneakers. "I'm going to say goodbye to my high-top sneakers for a while and prefer cool low-top models, and I especially like the fun designs of Golden Goose, this suede and snake-effect pair is on top of my wish list – perfect, to lure me into the fall. "

Eliminate it: Buy sneakers that are based only on appearance. Instead wear: sustainable sneakers. "I'm ready to stop buying sneakers just because I think they're stylish and take care of where they come from and what they're made of." These new Converse are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and are still sweetly sweet. "

No more: Neon sneakers. Wear instead: Neutral. "I've never quite gotten into the neon trend, and when it comes to sneakers, I think I'll never do that, I think loud colors are too hard to style, so I'll be a neutral subject in my sneaker keep collection in motion – black, white, beige and gray are all classics in my book. "

Next, the 7 sandal trends we've left in the past.

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