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Diane Kruger's hairdresser taught me how to make perfect beach waves at home 2019

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If I had to choose only one hairstyle to wear my hair for the rest of my days, it might just be beach waves. The epitome of cool girl hair, if done right. It's a timeless look that stays stylish year after year, fits every occasion and basically looks good for everyone. There is only one problem: Although I would like to style it, if I let my hair blow dry professionally, I can not wait to produce perfect beach waves on my own hair. In fact, after a session with curling tongs, I often have 80's-like prom rings as chic waves.

To change my more formal approach to DIY waves, I decided it was time to ask an expert for advice. Type in: Adam Reed, who is half of the iconic hair care brand Percy & Reed. Adam is the premier address for celebrities like Ellie Goulding, Diane Kruger and Sophie Dahl. Oh, and he's also on speed dialing of the most well-known beauty editors in the business.

From the insider steps everyone should follow to the products you need to get the look, I've caught up with Adam to learn how to create the ultimate beach waves at home.

Keep scrolling to find the best tips for perfect beach waves and everything you need.

Can every hair type and every hair texture produce cool beach waves?

Absolute. Everyone can create cool beach waves. Everything depends on the preparation. If you have curly hair, it is important that you smooth it out before you style it. Try a product like L & # 39; Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Liss Control, designed to control and smooth Frizz. After the game of tongues, holding is always important to avoid that the curl loses the beach look and is frizzy. L & # 39; Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Fix Design is great for this. It is important to use light weight products that do not complicate the hair as it is supposed to look soft and disheveled rather than heavy and defined.

Can you explain the steps to make beach waves, from shampooing to blow drying to heat styling?

The steps to create the perfect beach wave are very different depending on the hair type. But my three most important tips would be to use a good emollient shampoo and conditioner, to choose the right preparation for your hair type and not to stun the hair too much. Beach waves should be natural, soft and subtle, so I recommend taking random strands of hair and tongues in different directions to achieve the look.

Which products do you recommend to keep waves in place?

I love L & # 39; Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Constructor. It's perfect for finishing, giving the hair texture and flexible hold. The L & # 39; Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Beach Waves is also a good choice. You can spray on dry or damp hair, work with your fingers and use curly hair (or splash in front of the tongue tips to create beautiful beach waves). Top tip: Pass your fingers through the curls after zipping and disassemble the ends for a messy finish that is not over polished.

How can you keep the waves cool and disheveled instead of gliding into the Ringel area?

Once you have prepared the hair properly, you should be safe and it will stay the way you originally styled it.

Start with a softening shampoo like Reed for the best results. This one by Aveda softens even the most damaged threads and smells amazing.

This rich conditioner is packed with natural plant and plant extracts and makes the hair wonderfully supple and gives it more shine.

Reed was keen to stress that it is important to use the right preparation for your hair type. This is ideal for fine to coarse strands and helps to smooth the hair and protect from heat.

Curly hair types can spray this on damp hair and let it dry for natural beach waves. Otherwise, spray it on dry hair before tying it to the tongue to give the hair more texture when styling.

A light spray of Cornish Sea Salt for the natural handling of waves on the beach at home.

Another saltwater spray, which is ideal for finer hair types. We love the way it also increases the volume and loosens up strands.

For natural-looking beach waves, choose a curling tongs with a larger barrel for a more relaxed finish.

With this light hair spray you can round off your hard work.

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