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New Orleans is just as vibrant, colorful and loud as you can imagine. I learned that when I made my pilgrimage to the Big Easy earlier this month. The houses were painted in neon colors, jazz bands roamed the streets and – no surprise – the fashion was just the right amount of over-the-top. After spending most of my life in Oakland and Berkeley, I'm a bit of a Granola Girl stereotype. Yes, I prefer birch sticks to heels. No, I do not own anything curly or ball gown style. But the visit to the south has changed my view of polished clothing.

"When I moved to New Orleans, I was fascinated by the number of women who really stick to the idea of ​​southern Polish," says Coeli Hilferty, co-owner of the NOLA boutique pilot and Powell. "It's exuberant and exciting to dress here, whether it's a parade, dressing up for lunch from head to toe, or breaking out the best white tie looks for Mardi Gras balls." Bright colors, classic silhouettes and statement jewelery are part of the southern uniform, which means shopping in the south is a different experience than anywhere else. Kathryn Bullock, the second half of the pilot and Powell duo, explains, "We are usually attracted to those eye-catching pieces that some retailers think are too risky, but Coeli and I have found that women are very responsive to our methodology emotional editing of a collection. "Bullock and Hilferty are among the constant favorites for brands like Rosie Assoulin, Rosetta Getty and Lizzie Fortunato.

Women from the South move significantly differently from the brand. Sure, they wear the same brands that I and other women in New York love, from Scandi's favorite Ganni to New Yorker Rachel Comey, but their mix and combination is just not the same. So, what's the secret to go through the New Orleans style? Below is a breakdown and shopping tips to help you understand the NOLA style.

Here I am wearing a dress with cherry pattern and mules.
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The story was originally published earlier and updated by Allyson Payer.