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7 stores that you'll love if you can not get enough of Brandy Melville 2019

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If you've always wanted to imitate the casual style that real Californians have perfected, you've probably come across the shop at Brandy Melville. This bargain-priced shop has been a crowd pleaser for quite some time and offers staple foods as well as trendy pieces. However, if you are looking for other stores that are just right for you, we have seven stores that all perform equally well. In the shops in front of you, you will find the same assortment of cool dresses, crop tops, skirts and waisted denim that will meet your needs and dreams on the West Coast. Continue reading.

If you want similar everyday styles like Brandy Melville, you should try American Eagle. With the same uncomplicated styles and prices, it's hard not to combine two and two.

It's time to stop sleeping in Zara's sister shop Bershka. Here you will find the same trendy styles that you love from the Spanish company, blended with the basics that you are looking for at Brandy Melville. Please note, however, that the size is slightly smaller as it targets a younger consumer.

Charlotte Russe is another business that is popular with teenagers. Just like Brandy Melville, Brandy Melville is known for its unbelievably low prices. Here you can find a trendy look without breaking the bank.

Oh, Forever 21. You keep coming back to this business, no matter how old you are. And who can blame you? Like the other sites on this list, F21 is a good place for quick and trendy last-minute finds.

The UK-based store adds hundreds of products daily to its website, and prices are suitable for any budget. Even though the styles are a bit more sophisticated than Brandy Melville's, you'll still find plenty of basics to go with all of your outfits.

Tobi is one of the best fashion stores on the internet. As new items are added, you can always count on this store to keep up with the trendy styles of the season. If you did not know it, you know it now.

If you want your wardrobe to look like the 90s, click Urban Outfitters. The same fallback fashion that you find at Brandy Melville can be found here. Be warned: The UO prices tend to be slightly higher than the BMs.

ASOS is one of the largest online fashion retailers for all ages. The trendy website offers a variety of items, from basic t-shirts to cool women's denim skirts – all at an affordable price comparable to Brandy Melville's.

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