Hello there 🙂

I do not know anything about you, but I'm a bit of a habit animal. When it comes to my daily dress, I do not mix it up too much. In fact, one can almost always find me in a sort of T-shirt and jeans. I admit, sometimes it gets boring. Especially in the fashion industry, where people around me are constantly trying out new and exciting pieces. I tried, but I just can not give up my tee-and-jeans look. That's why I decided this summer to meddle a bit. And how could you do that better with fun accessories?

Summer accessories are best because they are easy and easy to trade for, so I do not feel like I'm overly modifying my routine. But changing a bag or shoe here and there makes a big difference to my wardrobe. I did not know exactly how these little changes can really affect my overall appearance. Because there are so many different styles that I want to try this summer, I've decided to keep everything affordable so I can change it without guilt.

I've rounded up my favorite sacks and shoes under $ 250 I'm going to try this summer. From wicker bags to comfortable espadrilles, I'm ready to confuse it a bit. Shop my selection below.

An espadrille graduation is a must for the summer.

I love yellow lately. And since I'm a bit shy for the yellow dress trend, I try it instead with this bag.

This bag looks like something my grandma would have owned, and I love it.

More yellow! The perfect color for the summer.

I'm done with a white T-shirt, jeans and this bag.

With espadrilles of any kind you can not go wrong.

A light bag for Sunday brunch.

I will bring this bag to the beach.

A little tip: White shoes make you look more brownish.

I love the wood detail.

Perfect for dressing up.

Cult Gaia can not go wrong in my eyes.

A mini bag with personality.

I live in sneakers in summer and these are so cool.

So small and square. I love it.

Shoulder bags are back, and I'm here for it.

A simple summer sandal for every occasion.

Super cool and different.

Tie-Dye goes strong.

Guaranteed to stand out in these.

I've never seen a pair of shoes in that color, so I need to own them.

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